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  • Apron rehabilitation project
  • Rehabilitate Air Carrier and General Aviation Apron
  • Apron rehabilitation project - phase II
  • Apron rehabilitation project - phase II
  • Augusta Regional Airport
  • Augusta Regional Airport removed and replaced deteriorating asphalt
  • Augusta Regional Airport partners with McCarthy Improvement

Augusta Regional Airport Apron Rehabilitation

Project Description

The Augusta Regional Airport apron rehabilitation project removed and replaced deteriorating asphalt on both the North and South ends of the airport with Portland cement concrete pavement. The project was broken into five phases to utilize smaller closures to limit obstruction for airport traffic. The original contract was allotted 11 months to construct the project, 60 days were added prior to the start due to an owner survey control issue, however, the final phase was opened for airport use nearly two months ahead of the expected opening date. A change order was granted by the airport, which included a new connector between Runway 17-35 and Taxiway A. Only 90 days were supplemented to the contract for the construction of connector A3. The use of the connector will cut wasted time and fuel for extended taxiing by commercial aircraft carriers & general aviation.

Over 3,000 SY of 6” PCC, 14,100 SY of 8” PCC, 7,600 SY of 10” PCC overlay, 39,000 SY of 11” PCC, 11,500 SY of 14” PCC, & 5,200 SY of 18” PCC paving along with grading, drainage, pipe and asphalt demolition, markings, sealing, and lighting were finished in this tight project timeframe. Overall, more than 27,500 CY of PCC were batched for this project.

Project Facts 

  • A $1.9 million change order was issued with the savings from the original contract
  • All work was completed 45 days early, under budget, and with no outstanding punch list

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