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  • Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport Runway Project

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport Runway Replacement

Project Description

This project consisted of two separate construction time segments: a spring segment, which consisted of completion of three taxiway phases, and a fall section, which consisted of the Runway 8L-26R keel replacement section, and four other different taxiways’ work. The fall section was limited to 29 days of construction and was comprised of concrete paving approximately 9,100 LF of 100ft wide, 20 in deep, keel section of the Runaway, as well as complete replacements of 22 in thick PCC on Taxiways B3, Ramp 2 North, and a portion of Taxiway B11.

There were significant Liquidated Damages associated with any construction delay: approximately $700/minute. There were also significant penalties associated with the smoothness of the final concrete surface. Despite five days of excusable delays, we finished the job approximately six hours ahead of the original deadline, incurred no penalties due to smoothness and needed no corrective grinding.

All runaway pavement was fully reinforced with WWF, and placed in two lifts through the use of an intricate paving train. There were two separate paving trains to accommodate the work between the Runaway and Taxiways, as well as two central batch plants, and approximately 50 dump trucks a day. This project won a first-place award in the paving category from the GA American Concrete Institute. It also garnered a Gold award from the American Concrete Pavement Association.

Runway 8L/26 R opened ahead of schedule and approximately 61,000 CY of concrete was placed over 19 paving days.

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