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Linwood Mining & Minerals Smokestack Replacement

Project Description

An aging smokestack at Linwood Mining & Minerals was partially blocking the stack’s gas outlet. The rotary kilns could not run without an open outlet, so Linwood commissioned McCarthy Improvement’s help to demo the stack, perform a site inspection then investigate the soil surrounding the stack’s stump so that the sub-base and concrete base could be properly designed.

After engineering created new blueprints, McCarthy Improvement:

  • removed and disposed of unsuitable soil and replaced it with aggregate fill to strengthen the ground for the foundation.
  • placed crane pads to accommodate the erection of the smokestack.
  • installed and leveled a custom anchor bolt assembly ring.
  • installed over 25,000 lbs. of reinforcing steel and placed 260 CY of concrete in a continuous pour to complete the foundation.
  • Stripped the forms and backfilled the foundation after the stack was replaced to reduce the time the kiln needed to be shut down.

Installation of the smokestack took just two days and was a highly coordinated effort by Linwood, McCarthy Improvement and Oertel Metal Works who fabricated the smokestack.

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