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Warren County

Project Description

US Route 67 in Warren County needed a road refresh. The Illinois DOT contracted our experienced team to handle the job. 

This project included the resurfacing and rehabilitation of 4.5 miles of existing pavement on US Route 67 in Warren County. Our team carried out adjustments to the vertical curve, widening the shoulders, replacing the guardrails, and extending the culverts. Furthermore, the “Y” intersection at the north end of the project and the horizontal curve on US Route 67 were reconstructed, and Illinois Route 135 now forms a “T” at the new US Route 67 curve. In addition, turn lanes were constructed on both US Route 67 and Illinois Route 135. 

This project also entailed the full depth reconstruction of three intersections of US-67 and other county roads. To complete the reconstruction of these intersections while maintaining the flow of US-67 traffic, this work was completed in stages with the use of temporary traffic control signals.   

There were 110,703.20 CY of Earth Excavation, 54,000 SY of HMA Surface Removal, and over 13,000 SY of Aggregate Shoulder installed on this project. Additionally, the Illinois DOT had McCarthy Improvement install over 8,000 tons of Rip Rap on this project (which is just under 5,000 tons more than the original contract plan called for. Another item that had the quantity drastically increased was the Heavy-Duty Erosion Control Blanket.  Over 32,000 SY were installed by the end of the project, when the original plans only called for 6,005 SY.   


During the project, the Illinois DOT included additional work that increased the total contract amount by about one million dollars.  The traveling public will benefit from this updated design and its implementation. 



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