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Safety Tip: Six Tips for Preventing Slips, Trips, and Falls

In our industry, job site safety is of the utmost importance. Equally important, but often overlooked, are safety hazards in an office environment. Did you know that slip, trip, and fall incidents are the leading cause of accidents in an office environment? Wet tile, even laminate, can be slippery when wet. A spill does not need to be large for a surface to become slippery causing an unexpected person to slip and fall.

Here are six tips to help prevent slips, trips, and falls from occurring:

  1. If you spill something, take the time to wipe it up until the surface is dry or wipe the spill from the surface and place a wet floor sign to make people aware of the hazard.
  2. Keep file cabinets closed when not in use.
  3. Keep unnecessary items out of walkways.
  4. Make sure power cords are secured and not dangling under desks where they can become tangled around feet when standing up, which will cause falls.
  5. Never stand on an office chair to reach something from overhead.
  6. Wear sensible shoes to work, with slip-resistant soles, to help maintain solid footing while walking.
Water spilled on tiled floor is a safety hazard
Take the time to wipe the spill up
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